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Case Study


Client name: DEP Pipes
Location: Maidstone, Kent
Installation type: Time & attendance monitoring system

Client requirement: Replace old punch card time and attendance system with something more modern and flexible.

Some of the equipment on-site may only be used by trained staff. A solution to ensure and verify this is adhered to would be beneficial.

Motorcycle in DEP Pipes' factory

The challenge:

  • Replace ageing time card system.

  • Improve flexibility and versatility of the system.

  • Automate as much of the time-logging process as possible.

Our conclusion:

After the initial meeting with the DEP team we realised how much time and effort went into the management of the punch-card time logging system. SAES went to work on designing a flexible and efficient replacement.

It wasn’t long before we presented the Paxton timesheet system to DEP. We installed a PC-based, UK-manufactured proximity card system which staff use to clock-in and -out throughout the day. Not only does this system require a single card for the life of the employment or system but the data is it gathers is held centrally and calculated automatically; saving both time and resources.

Additionally, the same software and clocking cards can be used to limit access around the building to sensitive rooms or machines.

The next project we are investigating with DEP is energy saving readers which require the clocking card to be inserted during working hours and removed when the workstation is left. This disconnects power to the work area when staff are not in attendance making the area safe and reducing energy costs.

“The software and hardware solution that runs our clocking in system is so flexible we have been able to roll out different security and management solutions around the factory all managed from one piece of software and utilising a single staff token.” 

“We can even manage staff holidays, sickness and HR data all from the same platform.” 
- DEP Pipes

The solution:

  • Paxton timesheet system.

  • PC-based proximity card system.

  • Data compiled by the system integrates with seamlessly with HR system, enabling staff sickness, holidays and more to be managed from a single platform. 

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