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Case Study


Client name: J W Smart Services
Location: Sheerness, Kent
Installation type: CCTV & attendance monitoring system

Client requirement:
Install a CCTV system at multiple locations viewable from head office.

Enable managers to provide accurate details of works’ progress to clients without disrupting on-site staff with high numbers of phone calls.

Improve information available to works administrator.

SAES 2013-Case Study-JW Smart.jpg

The challenge:

  • CCTV system entirely connected via the internet.
    Enable management to effectively assess works’ status without disrupting productive staff.

Our conclusion:

SAES Ltd. used the latest Samsung equipment available to achieve the customer brief successfully. 


At any time in the day a customer could call for a progress report on the booked in works. With a quick look at the CCTV on any site location, the administrator can give an accurate assessment of the stage the works are at with an estimation of the completion time.

Additionally, by using the smartphone application during customer meetings, JW Smart employees are able to demonstrate how efficient the business processes are without the need to attend site.

“Not only do we have a high quality security system but the additional benefits to the daily running of the business make this a sound investment. 

SAES have a great eye for designing a system with multiple benefits.” 
- John Waghorn, JW Smart Services

The solution:

  • SAES Ltd. used the latest Samsung equipment available to achieve the customer brief successfully.

  • Internet- and smartphone-accessible digital recorders in multiple locations throughout the South East of England with a central station-style software solution at the head office.

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