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A complete solution; ready to connect to a PC or laptop and is optimised for measuring skin-surface temperatures in just 1 second; to an accuracy of ±0.5°C; providing an effective method of screening individuals and identifying those with elevated body temperatures, rapidly and without any physical contact.


Being able to take accurate temperature measurements without physical contact adds another layer of protection for both parties during fever screening.


This temperature screening kit allows the operator to work remotely from the camera's location and monitor thermal readings and footage in real-time.



The Bullet-Style Thermal Camera is able to take temperature measurements from up to 15m away and can automatically alert the operator if an individual with elevated body temperature is detected via email, SD recording, relay output (which can be connected to other systems such as electronic door controls) as well as smart capture and FTP upload capability.


The camera's IP66 rating means it can withstand challenging environments which lesser fever screening methods and systems would struggle to cope with. 


The included tripod and adaptor plate means the camera can be sited in a variety of locations, rapidly assembled, moved, and dismantled without issue.


The PoE switch and cable included with the kit facilitates full connectivity to a PC or laptop using Hikvision's Hik-Connect software.


This Temperature Screening Kit MUST NOT be considered a diagnostic test or instrument. However, when used to give an indication of a person’s body temperature, it can be an effective tool in helping to reduce the potential spread of infection.


Due to the wide range of functions built-in to this camera and POE switch, the kit can be repurposed and reconfigured for other general security/CCTV uses as required, making this kit one of the most adaptable systems available.


Additionally, we are including FREE DELIVERY with this kit, please see our shipping details for more information.


For more information on Hikvision’s DS-2TD2617B-3/PA Free-Standing Body Temperature Thermal Screening Camera Kit, please click on the links below.

Free-Standing Temperature Screening Camera Kit

    • One second to detect skin-surface temperature
    • Simultaneous multi-person detection and measurement
    • Non-contact temperature measurement system
    • Immediate notification alarms
    • AI detection to reduce false alarms


    Turret-Style Thermal Camera:

    • 2688×1520, 4MP optical resolution
    • Infrared-imaging and visual-light-imaging cameras
    • Optimised for measuring skin temperature
    • Suitable for use in busy, indoor environments
    • Temperature range: 30°C to 45°C
    • Accuracy: ±0.5°C
    • Suitable for preliminary body-temperature-measurement/fever-screening in public places
    • High-performance sensor
    • OR resolution: 160 x 120px
    • Audio Alarm function when abnormal temperatures are detected
    • Picture-in-Picture mode
    • 3D DNR Image Detail Enhancement function
    • See fused thermal and optical images: the optical image is overlaid onto the thermal image, improving picture detail
    • Easy, efficient and effective screening of individuals for elevated body temperature in busy environments
    • Dimensions: 358.3mm × 113.5mm × 115.2mm
    • Weight: 1.76kg


    4-Port 100Mbps POE Switch:

    • Layer 2, 100Mbps Power-over-Ethernet Switch with four ports
    • 4/8-core adaptative power supply prevents power loss in cables
    • 6KV surge protected for harsh environments
    • Designed for video transmission
    • VIP port prioritises data transmission on congested networks
    • When connected to high-priority ports, the PoE switch supports prior and stable transmission of important surveillance footage
    • Max distance between switch and IPCs: 300m
    • Supports Ethernet PoE power supply and extend mode
    • Wire-speed forwarding
    • Intelligent PoE management

     Software Key Features

    • Versatile security management software
    • For use with DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, encoders, decoders, security control panels, video intercom instruments and access control panels
    • Flexible distribution structure
    • Easy to use
    • Configured for small- and medium-scale surveillance projects
    • Real-time live view
    • Video recording
    • Remote search and playback
    • File backup
    • Alarm receiving
    • Person management
    • Access control
    • Video intercom
    • Security control
    • Time and attendance
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